PBS Kids GO! Announces Trash to Treasure Winners


PBS Design Squad challenged kids aged 5 to 19 to create the next great eco-friendly invention using recycled items. They chose the winners a few weeks ago and those lucky kids got to visit Boston and see their inventions brought to life.

The winners were: MaryAnn, age 14 who designed a water-saving toilet; Daniel, age 14 came up with a bike that has space to stash your backpack and features to keep you dry when you’re riding in bad weather; and Lilly, age 12, who came up with the recycled “Sibling Soaker.”


The kids worked with Conintuum, a Boston-based company to realize their designs. Here are the kids talking about their projects and working with the folks at Continuum on developing their designs:

Trash to Treasure submissions had to fit into one of the competition’s three categories: mobility, conservation, or play and had to use at least two repurposed materials in the design. What a fun way to get kids thinking about creative reuse!

The full episode will run on Design Squad early next year.

[Photos courtesy of PBS]

Written by Becky Striepe

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