15 Outdoor Wedding Ideas you Can Make Yourself

15 Outdoor Wedding Ideas you Can Make Yourself

15 Outdoor Wedding Ideas you Can Make Yourself

A handful of my friends had outdoor weddings, and I love the way that they incorporated the natural scenery into their wedding decor. These are some of the outdoor wedding ideas inspired by my own friends’ beautiful wedding ceremonies.

15 Outdoor Wedding Ideas

1. Mason Jar Lanterns – You can put these on table tops or hang them in the trees for some ambient lighting.

2. Glue Free Bunting – Punched paper circles strung on twine or yarn make a delicate bunting perfect for stringing between trees to define your spaces.

3. Vintage Paper Bunting – If you have a bigger budget (or just want bigger bunting), this is another no-sew option.

4. Glitter Mason Jar Centerpieces – These glitter-dipped glass jars are simple to make and add some modern sparkle to a rustic outdoor venue.

5. Scrap wood signs – This isn’t a tute, more like eye candy, but check out these awesome signs. You can use any wood that you have on hand and paint your signs freehand or with stencils. A million options!

6. Vintage Doors – Defining spaces for your outdoor wedding can be tricky, and I love how these vintage doorways add drama to the scene.

7. Nature Chuppa – A chuppa is a traditional part of a Jewish wedding, and it makes a lovely backdrop for your I Dos.

8. Say it with Burlap – Even if you’re using new burlap, it’s a super low-impact material. And so cheap! Loving the burlap table runner and chair decorations that Elizabeth Ashleigh found. And the burlap bunting she shares would tie things together nicely!

9. Mason Jar Cocktails – Instead of a bartender, premix your own signature cocktail, and serve them up in mason jars on ice. You can set out reusable pitchers, so guests can refill themselves.

10. Pinwheels – These upcycled pinwheels are super fun to make, and they’d look great lining the path to the altar or work as favors for your guests.

11. Felt Party Streamers – I’ve made these for outdoor wedding showers and baby showers, and they’d make a great addition to your wedding decor, especially if you’re renting a plain Jane white tent. For a spring wedding especially, renting a tent or canopy – even if it’s just on standby – is a good outdoor wedding idea.

12. Paper Fans – If you’re expecting warm weather, these little handheld fans will be most welcome. Just use reclaimed or recycled paper instead of new.

13. Candle-ier – Forget an electric chandelier! Hit the thrift or the restore for an old pot rack to make this awesome hanging glass jar candle-ier. The tute calls for mason jars, but I think a mix of reclaimed glass would look really cool too. Bonus? You can use citronella candles to maybe discourage mosquitoes a bit.

14. Tree Branch Chandelier – This is meant to be a wired indoor light, but you could totally wrap a branch in battery-powered LED lights, hang it from a big tree, and get a similar effect outdoors.

15. Succulent Place Cards – These pretty succulents in reclaimed baby food jars double as wedding favors. BOOM.

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