E-Waste Jewelry by Marcele Godoy

E-Waste Jewelry

Do you have e-waste – like old cables, chargers, and cords – laying around? Upcycle it into gorgeous jewelry!

I’ll admit it: I am kind of obsessed with this amazing line of recycled jewelry by Marcele Goroy. The artist created this jewelry as a personal project, so it’s not a line for sale. He was just sick of the e-waste all around him as a graduate student. Godoy’s jewelry is a stunning example of craftivism in action!

The piece below is one that I wrote for our sister site, Feelgood Style, and I wanted to share it here as well. I hope that you enjoy it!

Recycled Jewelry made from E-Waste (via http://feelgoodstyle.com)

E-waste is a huge environmental problem, and one artist is turning all of that potential trash into striking recycled jewelry! Artist Marcele Godoy is a Chilean graduate student studying here in the U.S., and he was appalled at the e-waste that was…

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