Sustainable Sewing Guide: Organic Sewing Notions

organic cotton battingOrganic Cotton Batting

Conventional batting is usually made from plastic. Boo! You can also find bamboo battings, but bamboo has its pros and cons as a green material.

Fairfield makes an organic batting that’s 50% organic cotton and 50% bamboo, a big improvement over 100% bamboo or 100% polyester batting.

For lighter-weight projects, check out Air Lite batting, made from 100% organic cotton. You might get a little sticker shock on this one, but keep in mind that the batting is 100″ wide, and they’re selling it in 20 yard increments.

Of course, Near Sea Naturals is once again a great resource here. I used their organic cotton batting to make a baby blanket, and this stuff is like sewing a cloud! One word of caution: since this batting is not needled, you need to handle it with care. Don’t tug or yank it, because it will come apart in your hands. Once it’s quilted into your project, though, it’s cozy and sturdy!

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