Sustainable Sewing Guide: Organic Sewing Notions

organic threadOrganic Cotton Thread

Thread is a tiny part of your sewing project, but if you’re looking to create a 100% organic product, you may want to invest in organic cotton thread.

Conventional threads are usually made from 100% polyester or a cotton-poly blend. You can also find conventional cotton thread, but honestly conventional cotton isn’t much better than polyester, from an ethical standpoint. Sometimes, I wonder if it’s even worse. You can read a little bit more about the trouble with conventional cotton here.

If your project doesn’t require colored thread, Scanfil makes an organic cotton thread that comes in black or white.

For your colored thread needs, I can’t recommend Near Sea Naturals enough! They sell a beautiful array of colored organic threads from Scanfil, and they even come on a wooden spool instead of a plastic one! Fiberactive Organics also sells organic cotton thread in a rainbow of colors.

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Image Credit: Organic Thread photo via Near Sea Naturals

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