Mosaics, Anyone? Recycled Glass To The Rescue!

recycled glassWhen Great Green Goods mentioned Bedrock Industries and their recycled glass robot people on Monday, I knew I should pop over and check it out.  Why?  Well, I love robots.  Who doesn’t?  But what actually caught my eye was this part of the Great Green Goods post: “They have a large selection of tile and tumbled glass for use in your home or garden.”

My friends, this is no lie!  The good people at Bedrock have tumbled glass for all kinds of crafty and gardeny adventures.

I love the colors available in their mosaic glass, and mosaic is a craft I’ve always wanted to try.  Their glass is 100% pre-consumer recycled glass, taken from the waste generated during the production of stained glass. They process it a bit to make sure it won’t slice your finger off and voila, loveliness.

(Did YOU know there was such a large amount of stained glass produced that we needed a recycling solution?  I didn’t either.)

They also have tumbled glass that is more like beach glass, including the Sea Mix glass pictured above, which is 100% post consumer recycled from windows, bottles, and jars.

You can see all their tumbled and mosaic glass, or check out their recycled glass tile as well if you’re into that kind of thing.  I’m not, because I have no sense for home decorating.  You should also check out the Recycled Glass Curtain, which isn’t great for privacy but is something I would love to make and have in my home – if it wouldn’t make everything else here look even worse by comparison.

Want to buy some pretty recycled glass, but need inspiration for your mosaic project?  Check out the Society of American Mosaic Artists Members Gallery to be awed by some serious creativity and skill.  Then see if you can find an old but sturdy tabletop to transform with some recycled glass!

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