Yarn Round-Up

ball of yarn Inspired by Skye’s look back at all the Fabulous Fabrics she’s found in the past six months, I figured it was time to do the same with yarn.

The diversity of fiber that is available to use for spinning, knitting, crochet and a myriad of other purposes is quite heartening. The fact that so many eco-friendly yarns exist is simply amazing.

Many yarns come from animal fibers, while others are made from unusual materials that can be spun. I’ve found companies spinning yarn with big hearts and big companies finding it profitable to “go green.”

It seems almost impossible now a days to not have access to an eco-friendly yarn. So, after the jump, please enjoy this round up of Yearn Worthy Yarn.

Animal Fibers

Plant Fibers

Miscellaneous Materials

Main-stream Brands

Hip Companies

And don’t forget to use Your Stash!

Have any particular yarns or yarn companies that you use and would like us to showcase here on Crafting a Green World? Let us know! There is no dearth when it comes to eco-friendly yarn, but we love to hear from you. So pipe up!

[Image credit:chatirygirl, under creative commons license]

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