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mushroom.jpgCraft show season is almost upon us! Rejoice! It’s finally time to gather all your supplies and get ready to spend some hot summer days at shows selling your wares. Luckily, crafter extraordinaire Jen Menkhaus just told me about Treecycle, a company dedicated to education and access to environmentally friendly products. This site is great for crafters because they carry a huge supply of recycled paper bags, shipping boxes, jewelry boxes and more! In addition to a ton of products, Treecycle also has a huge page of links to offer information on environmental issues. In case you need reason to buy recycled products from Treecycle, they share this lovely list to explain how it helps…

Cut Waste
Paper accounts for 40% of all municipal waste
Recycled paper means less trash, lower taxes & other disposal costs

Save Energy
60-70% energy savings over virgin pulp
The paper industry is the 3rd largest user of energy in the U.S.

Protect Natural resources
The U.S. uses 100 million tons of paper a year & use is increasing
Recycled paper uses 55% less water & helps preserve our forests
Recycling of waste paper creates more jobs

Reduce Pollution
The paper industry is one of the largest water polluters in the world
Recycled paper reduces water pollution by 35%, reduces air pollution by 74%, and eliminates many toxic pollutants

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