More Eco-Friendly And Organic Fabric Than You Can Shake A Stick At

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I started writing the Fabulous Fabrics series here in March, and I thought the six month mark would be a good time for a retrospective.

What I’ve liked best about doing this series is seeing the combination of creativity and passion that goes into what these fabric designers and manufacturers do.  If someone’s making organic fabric, it’s because they believe in it.  It’s not just because a market analysis told them they would make some money.  (In fact, I sometimes worry if they’re even making enough to live on, given the extra work they’re doing to source and use eco-friendly materials and fair trade practices.)  These folks really want to make a difference.

So here are the fabrics and shops I’ve covered so far in the Fabulous Fabrics series here on Crafting A Green World.  At one point I was afraid I would run out, but more and more come to my attention all the time.  So here’s the past, and I’ll see you next Tuesday to start in on the next six months!

Shops With Many Fabrics

Home Decor Fabrics



Hemp Fabric

Unusual Fabrics

You can also check out what mainstream fabric stores offer.

Thanks to Victoria Everman, founder of Crafting A Green World, for her assistance in getting started with this series!

Image by Martin Boose.

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