20 Jar Lid Crafts

Jar Lid Crafts

Jar Lid Crafts

Make the most out of that old Mason jar, spaghetti sauce jar, or jam jar with these awesome jar lid crafts!

1. air freshenerGrab a hammer and nails and make your house smell awesome.

Mason Jar Lid Crafts2. chalkboard price tagFancy up your next craft fair or yard sale!

3. coastersWide-mouthed Mason jar lids will fit most beverages.

4. container candleUse the vintage zinc canning lids, as they’re deeper.

5. dishwasher magnetAre those dishes clean or dirty? This will let you know.

6. doll platesMason jar lids are the perfect size to make 18″ doll plates.

7. flower frogPop the lid back onto its jar, this time as a vase!

8. garlandThis would be a cute decoration for a kitchen.

9. mini magnetic chalkboardsThese little chalkboards are just the right size to personalize a picture or add a reminder note to a calendar.

10. mosaic coastersThese coasters are almost too pretty to use!

11. moveable alphabetIf you’ve got tons of baby jar lids kicking around, then you’ve probably got a baby kicking around somewhere, too.

12. ornamentsI like that these ornaments use fabric scraps, as well–I ALWAYS have fabric scraps to get rid of!

Jar Lid Crafts13. picture frameA metal jar lid is the perfect size for a little portrait. Add wrapped embroidery thread for a more embellished look.

14. pumpkinHere’s an easy way to make a decoration that will last from October to December–and it will smell great!

15. punched tin ornamentA Mason jar lid looks just like an old-fashioned piece of punched tin after you’ve gone at it with a hammer and nail.

16. spiderThe tute shows you how to make a spider, but you can also give the kids the pipe cleaners and googly eyes and see what they come up with.

17. suncatcherSee what pretty things you can find for the light to shine through!

18. tic-tac-toeAdd pretty paper to make a fun large-scale game.

19. wind chimeThose flat metal lids make great wind chimes, especially if painted different colors.

20. wreathWashi tape makes this craft really quick and easy.

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