Crafty Book Review: Mason Jar Crafts, by Lauren Elise Donaldson

Jar Lid Crafts

Mason Jar Crafts review (3 of 3)

Mason jars aren’t just for canning!

But perhaps you knew that already? Perhaps you, too, drink frosty beverages out of your Mason jars, or fill them with water and wildflowers and plop them in the center of your table? Perhaps you decorate their lids and store buttons in them?

Perhaps you sometimes get a little crafty with them, hmm?

Whether you’re a novice Mason jar crafter or you have be-ribboned Mason jar pincushions and potpourri holders everywhere you turn, author Lauren Elise Donaldson brings 30 more Mason jar crafts to the table with her book, Mason Jar Crafts.

Thought about making a night light out of a Mason jar? This book’s got you covered. Β How about a Mason jar clock? This book’s got it.

Ulysses Press gave me a copy of Mason Jar Crafts to check out–here’s what I made from it, and here’s how I liked it:

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3 thoughts on “Crafty Book Review: Mason Jar Crafts, by Lauren Elise Donaldson”

    1. I’m currently making a LOT more of those, for a Mason jar lid photo wall! Syd’s said that she wanted to make one, too–she’s at day camp all this week, but I’ll set it out for her next week to try. I’m curious to see if she’s got the fine motor skills for wrapping with embroidery floss, or if we’ll end up going yarn shopping, instead.

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