How-to: Make a Dried Apple Wreath

you can glue the wreath heavily on the back sideIf you do need to put on gobs of glue (and oh, do I love my gobs of glue!), then flip the wreath over to the back side and cake the glue on there, taking care that you don’t allow it to show on the front.

You’ll know that you’ve glued your wreath well when it holds its form as it hangs. If there are any wobbly bits, find a way toΒ surreptitiously give them some more glue to support them.

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  2. I can agree with organic apples for eating, but for drying purposes, I am less picky. In fact, cleaning out the produce drawer church refrigerator of slightly wrinkled red (not) delicious apples suits (and sometimes oranges) me fine, for crafting purposes.

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