How-to: Make a Dried Apple Wreath

draw and cut out a cardboard guide to form your wreathSometime while your apples are drying, use a piece of cardboard (I used a flat-rate envelope that a recent etsy purchase came packaged in) to make a guide for your wreath. I prefer that my dried apple wreaths not be attached to a form, but a circular guide will allow you to put your wreath together so that it looks perfect.

Find a mixing bowl whose rim is the size that you’d like for the perimeter of your wreath, and trace around it onto your scrap cardboard. Freehand another circle about an inch to the inside of that first circle, cut out your new inch-thick circle, and you’ll have a guide to place under your apple wreath.

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  2. I can agree with organic apples for eating, but for drying purposes, I am less picky. In fact, cleaning out the produce drawer church refrigerator of slightly wrinkled red (not) delicious apples suits (and sometimes oranges) me fine, for crafting purposes.

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