How-to: Felted Wool Mason Jar Cozy

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Need a crafty green way to upcycle an old wool sweater? Here’s how to make a wool sweater Mason jar cozy, to help keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold and leave your precious hand the perfect hand temperature while you drink.

1. Felt a wool sweater.Β Here’s how to felt a wool sweater in washing machine.

To this original tutorial, I’d add that some wool sweaters can give off a LOT of fibers as they felt, so these days I do a quick clean-out of my washing machine outlet screen-thingy after I felt a load of wool sweaters. That being said, I’ve never had a problem with a clogged washing machine, even when I didn’t do this. But our plumbing is so half-hearted that I figure better safe than sorry…

NOTE: If you prefer to avoid crafting with wool, check out this recycled felt koozie project–it’s easily modified to fit a Mason jar.

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  1. Although I splurged and bought myself a super awesome water bottle, I really need to do this. I love my mason jars as drinking vessels. And, I only own 2 “coffee” mugs, so I could use more glasses for tea.

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