How-to: Felted Wool Mason Jar Cozy

Sew the cuff, right sides together.
Sew the cuff, right sides together.

felted wool Mason jar cozy (2 of 3)2. Cut the felt to size.ย For a Mason jar cozy that’s the exact dimensions of the one in the first photo, cut one piece of felted wool that is 3.5″ x 10″. ย A Mason jar is 10″ in circumference near the bottom, but you’re not going to include a seam allowance. The felted wool cozy will stretch enough to fit over the Mason jar, and that snug fit will also keep it safely in your hand.

Sew a loose cuff instead? Say goodbye to your Mason jar!

3. Sew the short sides of the cuff together, right sides facing each other.ย Felted wool is super thick, so you may need to lengthen your stitches to accommodate it. I also sometimes have trouble getting the rough felt to feed properly, so keep an eye on it and if your felted wool stops feeding, keep the needle down, raise the pressure foot, and twist the fabric back and forth a bit to make sure that nothing is caught.

Felted wool won’t ravel, so I don’t finish my seam on this cuff. If you want to, though, you can go back over the seam with a zig-zag stitch that encases the raw edge. Up to you!

Turn the cozy right side out, and it should fit snugly around your Mason jar.

A Mason jar cozy makes a nice gift, especially when presented around a Mason jar that has something nice in it, like a homemade hot chocolate or soup mix, or a custom seasoning blend. It’s also pretty great to assign each person one cozy that they can put around the one glass that they’ll be drinking from that day, so that you don’t have to wash five million glasses.

Because a girl can dream, right?

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  1. Although I splurged and bought myself a super awesome water bottle, I really need to do this. I love my mason jars as drinking vessels. And, I only own 2 “coffee” mugs, so I could use more glasses for tea.

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