How-to: Fancy Up a Necktie with Applique

pin bird on

2. Pin and Sew

Since my design had a couple of layers, I had to pin and sew twice, but depending on what you make you might only sew once or do this several times. Lay out your felt on a table to see how it should layer on your tie, then grab the bottom layer piece(s) and pin to the tie (pictured).

You can use a zig-zag or straight stitch to sew your design onto the tie. If you zig zag, you want the outside of the zig zag stitch to be very close to the outside of your felt. If you use a straight stitch, a 1/8″ seam will do the trick.

If you did a layered design, like I did, continue to the next step. If not, skip ahead to the last step!

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