How-to: DIY Custom Flower Brooch from Fabric Scraps

DIY Flower Brooch

teal grey yellow outfitMaterials

  • fabric scraps, including at least one scrap that’s heavier, like fleece, felt, or denim
  • sewing machine (optional)
  • needle and thread
  • vintage button
  • pin backing
  • fabric glue


1. You’re making a pin with four layers – not counting the button – so decide on what y0u want your layers to look like. Keep in mind that the bottom layer isn’t going to show as much. Once you choose your fabrics, cut out: a 4″x4″ square of your heavy, bottom fabric; a 3″x3″ circle of the fabric that’s going over that; a 2.5″x2.5″ circle of fabric for the next layer; and a 2″x2″ circle of fabric for the top layer.

cut fabric for flower brooch
Just ignore that button – I changed my mind at the last minute about it!

2. Iron your fabric, and sew your biggest circle (either by hand or with your machine) onto the square you cut, then trim away all of the excess fabric from the square:

flower brooch layer 1

3. Layer your next circle onto the one you just sewed and trimmed, and stitch it down. Add the next circle, and sew that down, then finish it all off with a button in the center.

flower brooch rest of layers

4. Now, it’s time to add that pin backing! Cut yourself a 1″x2″ piece from a felt scrap or any other sturdy scrap you have handy, and sew the pin backing onto it. Then, use your fabric glue to attach the felt to the back of your brooch.

flower brooch backing

5. Let the glue dry, and you’re ready to accessorize!

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