Have a Green Valentine’s Day!

valentinessm.jpgValentine’s Day has become more of a headache then heartfelt for most. Poor men are inundated with commercials claiming that if they don’t go to a mall jewelry store, their lover’s family and friends will be completely disappointed in them. That little jewelry box must also be accompanied by chocolates, flowers and a card. And, don’t forget the reservations, guys! No wonder men are not much into this dreaded day. Is this really what women want? Here’s a suggestion for this year: avoid the commercialized, boring routine and have a green Valentine’s Day!

No worries if you don’t know the first thing about making gifts – it is easier then ever to find cool, recycled, handmade gifts online. Online boutique Zanisa is a great place to find all sorts of recycled, organic and sustainable gifts like this necklace from designer Liana Kabel, made from recycled Tupperware! And of course, Etsy is the fantastic place to find original handmade gifts. Check out the daily Valentine’s Showcase for ideas.

Even if you are not a crafter, this recycled heart project from A Little Hut, is totally achievable. All you need is a paper egg carton, some red paint, background card-stock and a box frame to create something that your lover won’t soon forget. Check out her instructions right here. This would be a fun project to make with the kidlets too! A Little Hut also offers a gift box template on her website to house smaller gifts.

Let’s be honest, women do love flowers, but red roses show no creativity at all. If you really want to impress your crafty chick, why not giver her a vase of button flowers? This beautiful bunch here, made by Etsy seller, The Ripe Radish, is guaranteed not to die in a week! There are some really simple instructions on PBS Kids in case you are feeling extra crafty.

Mom always said that handmade gifts are best, but no one ever said that they had to be made by you! This year surprise your lover with a green gift from the heart and you will see that it will get you further then mall jewelry and waxy chocolate ever would!

(Girls, go ahead, print this and accidentally leave it on the desk.)

[Image courtesy of Zanisa, A Little Hut, and The Ripe Radish]

Written by Juliet Ames

Juliet Ames breaks plates for a living. A metals and craft major at Towson University, Ames went on to work for the Howard County Arts Council organizing gallery exhibits. Meanwhile, she kept up her own craftwork. The plate-breaking started with a mosaic mailbox. “There were leftover pieces, so I soldered them and wrapped them around my neck and got a lot of compliments,” says Ames, 28, who just had her first child, a boy.


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  1. I love that button bouquet! I’ve been obsessed with buttons lately. I am a big grump when it comes to V-Day, one reason being that I hate the colors red and pink together. Now green, on the other hand…

  2. Green or Red it definitely shouldn’t be hard. Just the sentiment of Valentines Day is nice. I don’t believe men or woman are all that shallow to believe the commercials. The gift should be great no doubt, but isn’t it the sentiment that counts.

    I have a gift basket business and I see all type of sentiments come through with orders. I’m charmed by the sentiments expressed for not only holiday’s like Valentine’s Day but also special birthday wishes etc.

    I truly believe that people enjoy giving as much as receiving gifts and gift baskets.

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