How-to: DIY Custom Flower Brooch from Fabric Scraps

DIY Flower Brooch

When you’re mixing up a lot of colors in your outfit, sometimes you need just the right accessory to pull it all together. Think of this custom flower brooch as The Dude’s rug:

…well, minus the pee.

ANYWAY! What I love about this pin design is that you can incorporate quite a few colors to make it the center of whatever outfit you have planned. I made the brooch pictured above to wear with a grey dress that has a teal sash. I wanted to pair it all up with a yellow cardigan, but it felt a little bit sloppy to me. Custom pin to the rescue!

If you want to make your own custom flower brooch, pull out your stash of fabric scraps, and click here for the tutorial!

teal grey yellow outfit


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