Green Craft Blogs We Love

 Let’s see, how to introduce a list of my favorite green crafting blogs that aren’t us? Hmm.

“More ways to spend time on the internet instead of working.” Probably true, but slightly too cheeky.

“More ways to spend time on the internet instead of crafting.” Again, probably true, or maybe I’m just projecting my personal issues?

How about: “These are cool, you should read them!”

Slightly dull, but honestly I’m a bit tired today and that may be as good as it gets. So without further ado, here are some of my personal favorite green craft blogs, big and small. Check out our blogroll for more, and feel free to add your suggestions in the comments!

The Recycled Crafts blog on the Craft Gossip network focuses on crafts that turn trash into treasure. Editor Alissa Cyphers does a great job linking to tutorials, Etsy sellers, and green crafting news. This one is fun and fresh.

The tagline on Sew and Sew is “Because I can’t find a twelve-step program for my creativity addiction.” We’re so glad Becky hasn’t yet discovered a program like this, because otherwise we’d be deprived of her fab sewing projects that repurpose clothing into new stuff.

Organic Clothing, a blog by the owners of Lotus Organics, isn’t updated very often. That’s perfectly okay, because we don’t expect anyone to write such wonderful, information packed articles every day. If you care about issues in fabric and fashion, you should check it out.

No list of green crafting blogs would be complete without including Earth Tones on Etsy. If it’s green in the wonderful world of Etsy, you’ll find it here.

Online fabric supershop Near Sea Naturals has a blog, and you really should be reading it if you want to know about new organic fabrics, trims, and sales.

My Recycled Bags is, you guessed it, about recycled bags. Cindy is all about the green crafting. She’s also dealing with breast cancer right now, so send all your good thoughts her way.

All right, now it’s your turn. What blogs do you read for green crafting inspiration?

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