Four Upcycled Home Decor Projects

How to Upcycle a Coffee Sack into a Burlap Box

Upcycled Home Decor

Yesterday, we made a table runner from scrap fabric, but what are some other ways to use what you have to add a little DIY flair to your home?

It’s easy to fall into the IKEA trap when you’re decorating. Don’t have an IKEA? Then, maybe it’s Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. I’ll admit it: there are some really cute big box decor options out there. The problem with these large stores isn’t their looks. It’s the waste. From factory to shelf, large corporations waste huge amounts of materials, and they often don’t use the most eco-friendly methods to produce those cute throw pillows and lamps.

Rather than hit up the big box store, you can use your crafty skills to upcycle yourself some cute home decor items!

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Written by Becky Striepe

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How to Upcycle a Coffee Sack into a Burlap Box

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