Five Sustainable Wrapping Solutions for Eco-Friendly Gifts

DIY record album cover gift boxesYou don’t have to wrap your presents with the comics section or a brown paper bag to be eco-friendly (although you can!). Sure, those are classics and they always look good, but you can give your wrapped gifts variety while still keeping them green. Check out these five sustainable wrapping solutions for presents that are as low-waste as they are thoughtful.

glass gift jar from Coordinatedly YoursAnything that would look pretty in it could be packaged in a re-usable glass jar, from handmade pajamas to homemade cookies to a handful of Hexbugs, which is what my own daughters happen to be asking Santa for this year.

The thing that really makes this particular glass gift jar from Coordinately Yours so special is the addition of a lovely paper label and handwritten tag. You could use a variety of stash scrapbooking or vintage papers for your own labels and tags, customized for the holiday and the recipient. For the jars, source out a local place to purchase nice glass containers, or grab yourself some Goo Gone, get every single spec of adhesive off of an old jelly jar, and repurpose it.

[Image by Coordinatedly Yours, used with attribution]

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2 thoughts on “Five Sustainable Wrapping Solutions for Eco-Friendly Gifts”

  1. I love these ideas. This year we picked up a bunch of baskets as two dollar grab bags, and for the rest, I am going to cut up paper shopping bags and use the blank side as the visible side of the paper. Some rubber stamps for decoration, a twine bow, and a tag from scrap cardstock should make a lovely gift!

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