Five Sustainable Wrapping Solutions for Eco-Friendly Gifts

DIY record album cover box tutorialIf you need some wrapping with a little more structure, break down cardboard from shipping boxes, cereal boxes, or even record album covers to make your own DIY cardboard gift boxes. Sure, they take a little time to make (but not at much time as it takes to drive to Target and back, not to mention finding a parking spot and fighting the crowds), but the big bonus is that you can make your box a custom size, so that it fits your gift perfectly.

Don’t like the look of the cardboard? Paint it!

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2 thoughts on “Five Sustainable Wrapping Solutions for Eco-Friendly Gifts”

  1. I love these ideas. This year we picked up a bunch of baskets as two dollar grab bags, and for the rest, I am going to cut up paper shopping bags and use the blank side as the visible side of the paper. Some rubber stamps for decoration, a twine bow, and a tag from scrap cardstock should make a lovely gift!

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