Five Sustainable Wrapping Solutions for Eco-Friendly Gifts

fabric gift wrap from Painted ThreadsFabric gift wrap is one of my favorite methods, simply because of its versatility. If you’re picky about fabric color and pattern, you could customize the look of your entire gift stash, color coding presents by person, or perhaps just by what colors look the best underneath your tree. You could create fabric wraps that you, yourself, keep and re-use, or fabric wraps that are intended to be passed on to the recipient, as well–simple drawstring bags, perhaps, or pieces stamped with the recipient’s name. You could sew only with scraps, or purchase brand-new organic quilting cotton. It’s all up to you!

Although there are tons of tutorials just on all the different types of fabric gift wraps and wrapping methods, I really like this Japanese style fabric gift wrap tutorial from Diana Trout, which shows you how to piece together a multi-colored fabric wrap, and how just the choice of fabric wrap can enhance the personality of your gift.

[Image by Diana Trout, used with attribution]

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2 thoughts on “Five Sustainable Wrapping Solutions for Eco-Friendly Gifts”

  1. I love these ideas. This year we picked up a bunch of baskets as two dollar grab bags, and for the rest, I am going to cut up paper shopping bags and use the blank side as the visible side of the paper. Some rubber stamps for decoration, a twine bow, and a tag from scrap cardstock should make a lovely gift!

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