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hemp print fabricGreenSage bills itself as a store for “sustainable building and furnishing.”Β  As part of that identity, they sell a number of natural, organic, and hemp fabrics – including the 100% hemp print you see here, which unfortunately for the hobby crafter is $50 per yard.

Several times I’ve thought about whether to include a fabric this expensive in the Fabulous Fabrics series?Β  Is it just to taunt you?Β  No!Β  You’re all very nice, and I like you.Β  I’m also not trying to reinforce the perception that all organic fabric is expensive.Β  The fact is, fine fabrics and upholstery fabrics are expensive no matter what they’re made of, and we all understand that.

What I am trying to do is celebrate the organic, sustainable, and environmentally friendly fabrics that people are creating, even if most of us aren’t able to consume vast quantities of it.Β  I think it’s part of building and nurturing a movement to point out successes and hold up even high end examples of what we want products to be like.

And I like to show you pretty things.Β  You’re o.k. with that, right?

So, back to GreenSage.Β  Their other green fabrics include:

If you’re reading this and you’re in the trade (read: discount) or doing high-dollar crafts or art, you may have the resources to use these lovely fabrics.Β  If not, just enjoy window shopping!

The “Sage Learning Center” on their website also has a pretty informative page about fabrics, covering the differences between synthetics and natual fabrics when it comes to human health and the environment.

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