Fabulous Fabrics: Hemp Linen And Twill From Earth Friendly Goods

hemp linen fabric

Please don’t make the hemp jokes. Please. I live in Austin, Texas, which is full of hemp enthusiasts of all types, so I promise that I have heard them all. And truth be told, I didn’t think I would be that impressed by a web page full of hemp fabric.

Yes, I was one of those ignoramuses who envisioned only scratchy off-white canvas when I thought of hemp fabric. Victoria has profiled hemp yarns from Lanaknits, Autumn has opened my eyes to the beauty of macrame, and I even profiled a fabric that’s a blend of cotton and hemp. But 100% hemp? I clung to my preconceptions.

The hemp linen and twill at Earth Friendly Goods has won me over, though. How?It’s in multiple colors.

It doesn’t take much, does it? Splash a little purple on it and I’m all “Ooooh, pretty.” But honestly, hemp has a lot to recommend it from an environmental standpoint. And as Victoria said, “similar to wool, every time you wash it, hemp becomes softer and more luxurious.”

The linen comes in 10 colors, including black. The twill comes in 14 colors, including bleached and semi-bleached options if you’re going for the classic off-white color. In addition, there are natural color textured herringbone and basket weaves, a terrycloth in a hemp and organic cotton blend, and even painter’s canvas. The hemp/organic cotton plain weave comes in four colors named Barley, Raspberry, Pistachio, and Thyme. Rounding out the collection are fleece, french terry, and jersey knit, also in the blend. There’s even a blend of hemp and recycled poly.

At $25-30 per yard for the linens and twills, these fabrics are less expensive than some of the more upscale interior design and home decorating fabrics we’ve looked at so far in the Fabulous Fabrics series. Some of the other fabrics are less.

So don’t fall prey to my delusions about hemp! Take a look and see what you think about including some of these fabrics in your next craft project.

[Image from Earth Friendly Goods.]

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