Reader Question: Custom Labels

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Designing Effective Labels

You have two main goals in mind when you’re designing your label:

  1. It should remind your customer of who you are and where to find your products.
  2. It should be attractive.

To fulfill goal #1, that means your label should include your business name and your website. Of course, this isn’t set in stone. If your logo is very recognizable, you can get away with not printing your business name and just using your logo and website. It’s definitely in your best interests to include your shop url to help your customer find you again.

Goal #2 is just as important. You want your label to align with your line’s asthetic. If you make cutesy toys, your labels should be cute. If you design hip clothing, a sleek label design is best. You want it to feel like part of the finished product, so your customers won’t want to trim it off.

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