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Reader Questioncustom labels organic cotton

One frequent reader question that we get is where to find ethically-made garment labels. These custom labels on organic cotton are the perfect solution!

Whether you’re making stuffies, clothing, or accessories, a garment tag is a great way to promote your business. A year after someone buys that stuffed toy/dress/cute bag, are they going to remember who made it? A well-placed fabric tag reminds them, so they can recommend you to friends and check out what’s new in your line.

The problem with garment tags is that unless you’re making you’re own, it’s hard to find ones printed on sustainable material. They tend to be polyester or conventional cotton. Boo! This was something I always stuggled with when I was selling my crafts. Making labels was time-consuming, but pre-made ones didn’t align with my business ethic.

Ananemone makes custom labels that you can design yourself! You can use your shop name, your logo, your website – anything you like! And she prints them beautifully onto organic cotton. Hurrah!

Label Design Tips

Now that you know where to find custom labels that align with your business’s values, you need to design ones that are just right for your products. Click here for tips on doing just that!

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