Eco Packaging Handmade For You: Bags and Boxes

Handmade BoxesI hope you are enjoying the Eco Packaging Handmade For You series. In today’s post we will be taking a look at some great handmade bags and boxes perfect for product packaging or even gift wrapping. In all things I believe in the KISS motto – Keep It Simple Silly, and packaging is no exception. You do not need extravagant overdone packaging that will probably be thrown away by the recipient. Instead keep it simple, keep it easy to open, and keep it handmade.

Hand Stamped Favor BagsThese Vintage Style Favor Treat Bags by Seasonal Delights are perfect for small products like jewelry or soap. The set of hand stamped bags come with a coordinating hand stamped stickers to seal the bag shut.

Pillow BoxesTiny Art by Yaelfarn makes these cute Mini Pillow Gift Boxes perfect for small items and gift cards. So beautiful they are almost a gift in themselves and your recipient will be sure to reuse them.

I think these Linen Drawstring Bags by Sudsy Mugsy are beautiful in their simplicity. The generous 5 x 7 inch size could be used to package anything from soaps to stationary.

Custom Printed BagsBranding is so important for even the smallest business. These Personalized Thank You Bags will help you spread your message and again simplicity reigns supreme.

Handmade BoxesWant something a little more decorative, but still simple? Cubid specializes in small-format custom boxes shown here and at the top of this post. Use them for product packaging, gift giving, or wedding favors. How lovely would it be to have your own personalized gift boxes showing off your signature style?

Handmade Stuff BagsCute! These Personalized Mini Lunch Bags by Celestefrittata are a great way to show your items are handmade and another opportunity for branding.

Bag of TatterTo stuff all those boxes and bags, grab a Bag of Tatter from Old Crow Farm. Each bag of tatter is a brown lunch bag filled to the brim with vintage shredded ephemera.

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[Image 1 and 6 by Linus for Cubid, Image 2 by Kelli for Seasonal Delights, Image 3 by Yael for Tiny Art by Yaelfran, Image 4 by Julie for Sudsy Mugsy, Image 5 by Sam for Art by Sammo, Image 7 by Chiara for Celestefrittata, Image 8 by Jordana for Old Crow Farm]

7 thoughts on “Eco Packaging Handmade For You: Bags and Boxes”

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  2. I LOVE IT! You always have such inspirational ideas! I especially love the Eco Packaging series with all the cute ideas of boxes, tags, envelopes, bags….. What a wonderful way to add a special touch…AND brand your name. Thanks!

  3. Love these. My daughter and I have been bringing empty cereal boxes to the library and using their die-cut machine to craft our own pillow boxes.

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  5. Nice to know that many people are indulging in eco friendly stuff which concerns our environment. You can even make it your own and it is easy and quick to make. It looks nice and neat!

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