Eco Packaging Handmade For You: Tags

One of the simplest ways to embellish your products is to add a beautiful hang tag. You can have professionally printed hang tags made with your logo, but they always seem so sterile and lifeless. Instead consider buying handmade creative hang tags for a unique addition to each product. They also make a great place to jot a quick thank you.

For a great branding opportunity look no further than these Personalized Recycled Shabby Tags by Celestefrittata. Each tag will be handmade with your shop name. They are only $10 for a set of 50!

If you make fashion or accessories consider these gift tags made from repurposed magazines by Chachke Designs. I also particularly love her new original happy monster tags perfect for kids items.

These graphic number gift tags by Sugarcube Design are just plain fun. If I received one of these on a gift or product I purchased I would certainly add it to my stash for future use in a scrapbook. I also like their selection of mini notecard sets featuring original graphic designs. They are perfect for a thank you note.

Every Jot and Tittle is a wonderland of graphic gift tags, labels, and journaling tags. For product packaging I recommend the One Word Tags. A different word for each customer. Jot a little thank you on the back.

I saved my personal favorite for last…Ormolu. Everything is professionally printed on recycled papers with soy inks using windpower. And, everything is adorable! The beyond words alphabet tags shown at top would add a unique element to each product. The packaging labels shown here are to die for. They could even be used to make hang tags by affixing them to a piece of vintage or recycled paper. Or just go ahead and get the drool-worthy savoir faire packaging tags.

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[Image 1,8, and 9 by Kaitlin for Ormolu, Image 2 by Chiara of Celestefrittata, Image 3 and 4 by Sarah Evans for Chachke Designs, Image 5 and 6 by Sugarcube Designs, Image 7 by Kellie Dykast for Every Jot and Tittle]

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  2. Oh my, thank you for these wonderful links. I just ordered five sets of circle tags from Ormolu. I am all tagged out. 😉

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