Eco Packaging Handmade For You: Envelopes

Brown Paper Envelopes

One of the most prominent tips for Etsy sellers and others in the craft and handmade communities is to make your packaging special.  Your customer should feel special when opening their purchase.  Many crafts people excel in this area, the rest of us lack the time or inspiration to make beautiful, handmade packaging.  This week I plan to share a series on handmade eco packaging with a little twist; it is handmade by someone other than you.  You can purchase handmade eco packaging elements to decorate and ship your handmade products.  Let’s start with envelopes.

There was an overwhelming response to our recent story on Recycling Grocery Bags into Eco Packaging. A quick search on Etsy revealed several sellers that offer eco-friendly handmade packaging and shipping envelopes. Most are about $1 or less per piece. If you can’t make your own packaging, consider supporting handmade and buy your packaging from another crafter. Here are my top picks for envelopes:

Stay tuned for more Eco Packaging Handmade For You.  Also read:

[Image 1 and 3 by Cassandra Cook for Sunlit Orchard, Image 2 by Karen for EcoGeneration, Image 4 by Anna for Lila Ruby King, Image 5 by Stacy for Fluffnfixings, Image 6 by Tatiana for Russian Forest, Image 7 by Nina Cruz for Noodles After 12, and Image 8 by Amelia for Bombus]

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  4. I have seen these a cople of time now and have been wondering…. do you put these through the Mail??? does the postoffice make you use white stickers for the addresses??

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  10. We watch or read news about global warming and problems on waste management but it seems that most of us are still naive or clueless as to what to do in order to conserve our natural resources.
    At home or at work, we can show that we care by opting for eco-friendly items and by being practical.
    I have read another piece on getting organized at home to avoid the clutter
    and mess:
    These days, everyone should try to reuse or at least recycle their used items as an effort to minimize our waste in dump sites. This also helps us exercise our practicality as almost all our commodities are becoming expensive. Try shredding your old mail, calendars and other documents to be used as package filling or pet bedding if you have animals at home. Paper documents, old newspapers as well as plastic containers can be recycled and used in various purposes.

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