Eco Packaging Handmade For You: Tapes and Ribbons

Japanese masking tapeOne simple way to make your customers feel special when they open their purchase is to tie it up or tape it up in style.  In the first part of this series I showed you a variety of handmade eco packaging envelopes, but your special product packaging doesn’t have to end there.  Seal up your envelopes or tie up your package with my top recommendations for decorative tapes and ribbons.

Vintage Rick RackBefore you slip that handmade masterpiece into a shipping envelope, tie it up with a length of vintage rick rack for an extra special touch like these from Kattywhompus Vintage.

Organic RibbonKeep it simple and eco-friendly with 100% organic cotton ribbons like this one from Pink Panda Fabrics.  I use a similar organic ribbon to wrap around my burp cloths, curtain panels, and blankets.  It is a sweet touch and gives me the perfect place to attach a hang tag with more info about the product.

Bakers TwineBrown paper packages all tied-up with string…you can’t beat the sweetness a little baker’s twine adds to a package.  Paper Treats has a variety of bakers twine colors to choose from and at $1.80 for 25 yards you can’t go wrong.

recycled pulp tapeI love the texture, ribbing, and juicy color of this Japanese pulp tape at From Japan With Love.  It is made from 100% recycled pulp.  The thick tape can even be used to weave baskets or bags.

Deco Masking TapeJapanese deocrative masking tapes seem to be all the rage lately.  I adore this Oldbook Vintage Masking Tape Set from Nothing Elegant.  The masking tape is a paper tape made from traditional Japanese washi paper.

Vintage Ribbon

Vintage ribbon is also easy to find and relatively inexpensive.  Don’t worry about getting bulk of one style, instead use a different piece of vintage ribbon on each package.  I loved this sweet mix of vintage ribbons from Vintage On My Mind.

Customizable Ribbon

Lilla Lotta offers an amazing selection of cotton ribbons featuring a variety of in stock designs or they can be customized with your own text and images.  This would be great for adding a cloth tag to your product or for a sweet packaging touch.

Stay tuned for more Eco Packaging Handmade For You.  Also read:

[Image 1 and 6 by Hye Kyung for Nothing Elegant, Image 2 by Rhonda Bruce for Kattywhompus Vintage, Image 3 by Cheryl for Pink Panda Fabrics, Image 4 by Caroline Stender for Paper Treats, Image 5 by Futoshi Takami for From Japan With Love, Image 7 by Elaine Huscher of Valley Falls, KS for Vintage On My Mind by SYDG, Image 8 by Anna Barrow for Lilla Lotta]

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  2. I love this list. Great ideas! Since my shop focuses on using up fabrics that I have in my studio, I always tie my packages up with a strip of scrap fabric. It looks pretty, makes a nice ribbon/bow, and also goes along with my theme. Plus, it the buyer is another crafter, s/he gets to reuse that strip of fabric too!

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