8 DIY Winter Energy Saving Tips

8 DIY Winter Energy Saving Tips

8 DIY Winter Energy Saving Tips

It’s been sort of a hot-and-cold winter here in Atlanta, but this week we are definitely back to cold. On milder days it’s easy enough to just put on a sweater and leave the heater alone, but when temperatures dip below freezing it takes a little bit of extra work to keep warm. These DIY winter energy saving tips are aimed at helping you lower your bills this winter and all year long.

The tips below run the gamut from simple sewing projects to serious home improvement tips. We tried to find money saving tips to fit an array of different skill levels, so there should be winter energy saving tips for everyone!

DIY Winter Energy Saving Tips

1. Make your dryer more efficient. It’s not easy to hang dry clothes when it’s freezing outside, which means you’re using your dryer more often. Here are some tips on how to clean your dryer to make it more energy efficient.

2. Hang dry inside. Determined to keep hanging your clothes to dry? Try these tips to hang dry them inside during colder months.

3. Clean your hot water tank. The water that comes through our pipes is colder when the weather is colder, so your hot water heater has to work harder to heat it up. Make sure yours is running at peak efficiency by cleaning it with vinegar.

4. Sew thermal curtains. Whether you have old windows or new, efficient ones, heat is escaping through the glass. DIY thermal curtains keep the warm air inside, so you use less to stay cozy.

5. Make a tea light heater. Is there one room that’s just colder than the rest of the house? Instead of cranking the heat or plugging in a space heater, try this DIY winter energy saving project!

6. Make a draft dodger. Draft dodgers are basically tubes of fabric that you stuff and nestle under a drafty door or window to stop losing heat.

7. Throw down a rug. Are our floors freezing? Make a rag rug to warm your tootsies without turning down the thermostat.

8. Seal air leaks. Grab that caulk gun and get to work!

Image Credits: thermal curtains via Sustainablog, rag rug via ArtzyFartzy at Flickr, pots via Shutterstock

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