5 Draft Dodger Tutorials to Save You Energy this Winter

Save energy and have fun while crafting up a draft dodger to keep the warm air inside your house this winter.

Saving Energy: 5 Draft Dodger Tutorials
There is no denying that winter is officially upon us, at least in the Midwest. Our apartment is in an older home which means that there are drafts galore. These drafts make it very difficult to warm your home as a lot of your heating energy is lost through cracks under doors and around windows. Draft snakes, or dodgers, are one of the easiest ways to cut down on your heating costs during the winter. Here are five tutorials to create your own draft snakes to keep your home toasty warm and save some energy while doing so.

Saving Energy: 5 Draft Dodger Tutorials

1. Old Tights Draft Snake

Journey Into Unschooling shows us how to take some old, colorful tights and turn them into a snake. The project isn’t specifically stated to be a draft snake, but it can easily be translated into one by adding some rice or dried beans to the stuffing to give the snake more heft.

Saving Energy: 5 Draft Dodger Tutorials

2. Toilet Paper Rolls Dodger

Over on Creative Kristi’s site, she shows us how to utilize toilet and paper towel rolls for our draft dodgers.

Saving Energy: 5 Draft Dodger Tutorials

3. Sock Dodger

All you need is some filling, thread, needle, and an old sock and you have this simple draft dodger from Re-Nest. If you only have shorter socks, cut off the toes and sew each one together.

Saving Energy: 5 Draft Dodger Tutorials

4. Jeans Draft Snake

Amethistle tie-dyes old jeans to make her unique draft dodger. The color possibilities and patterns are endless. Make one for every leaky door and window!

Saving Energy: 5 Draft Dodger Tutorials

5. Draft Snake (or Dog, or Dragon)

Take some recycled fabric and whip up a snake, dog, or dragon dodger. Crafty Crafty gives us a great foundation tutorial to build any sort of draft dodger creature.

Saving energy can be as simple as sewing up a fun crafty project. Do you have any other energy saving tips or ideas for the upcoming winter months? I would love to hear your thoughts and see some projects, feel free to leave a comment.

[Draft snake image by The Bunny Maker via Flickr Creative Commons, Tights snake image by Journey Into Unschooling, Toilet paper tubes dodger image by Creative Kristi, Sock dodger image by Stephanie Kinnear via Re-Nest, Tie-dyed jeans dodger image by Amethistle, Snake image via Crafty Crafty]

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