5 DIY Scarves for Fall

DIY Scarves for Fall!

Fall is here and the cooler weather has arrived! My favorite accessory for cool weather is a scarf. After finding tons of tutorials for scarves, I decided to put together 5 of my favorite DIY scarves:

1. Upcycled Sweater to Hooded Circle Scarf and Leg Warmers by The Cheese Thief

The Cheese Thief takes one average sweater and turns it into a hooded circle scarf and leg warmers. I love how she uses the entire sweater instead of just one piece. This project does require some sewing, but it doesn’t seem too difficult! Head on over to her site to see how it’s made!
DIY Scarves for Fall!

2. Felt Flower Scarf Tutorial by Watch Me Daddy

This is one of the prettiest scarves I’ve ever seen! Amy from Watch Me Daddy shows us how to make an adorable scarf using felted wool and needle and thread. To make this project more eco-friendly, consider felting an old or thrifted sweater instead of buying felted wool. Amy makes the tutorial seem so simple! I cannot wait to make my own!

DIY Scarves for Fall!

3. Slasher Scarf by Jill of June Vintage

Jill of June Vintage shares this fabulously edgy scarf made from jersey material. Instead of buying jersey material, though, try recycling an old t-shirt instead. If you can’t find a t-shirt with the right about of lycra, organic jersey would be a good alternative as well. Grab whatever you find and some sharp scissors to make your own slasher scarf!

DIY Scarves for Fall!

4. Braided Layered Scarf with Lace Neck by Nette

If you’re in love with the layered look like I am, this is the perfect scarf for you! Nette used a viscose fabric, which is a bamboo fabric. As we know, bamboo fabric has its upsides and downsides, so be sure to do your research and decide for yourself. I bet you could also use a recycled t-shirt made from a stretchy material. Check out Nette’s site to see how she made each of the layers!

DIY Scarves for Fall!

5. Anthro Inspired Scarf Tutorial by New Green Mama

Do you have an old sweater on hand? Make this adorable anthro-inspired scarf from Jen at New Green Mama. The sweater material makes it look so cozy! For the contrasting material, consider using something reclaimed or organic to make your scarf as eco-friendly as possible. Now you’ll have a stylish scarf that is budget and eco friendly!

Now I just need to decide which scarf I would like to make first! I want to make them all! Which one do you want to make?

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Photos in order of appearance:Β The Cheese Thief, Stack of Sweaters via Shutterstock, Jill of June Vintage, Nette, and New Green Mama

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