5 Easy Upcycled Accessories

lace necklace

The right accessories can really complete an outfit, can’t they? There’s something about finding that perfect pair of earrings or a sassy scarf that just makes you feel put together.

Of course, it’s easy and often pretty cheap to hit up the big box store for cute accessories. Those mass-produced pieces might be super adorable, but they come with a pretty hefty carbon footprint. From the materials to make them, the carbon footprint for shipping from factory to store, and the conditions that those factory workers often endure, you’re getting a lot more than a cute necklace when you go store-bought. Those hidden costs are bad for the planet and bad for people.

Luckily, you don’t have to go shopping to beef up your accessories collection! Here are a few DIY accessories that you can make from reclaimed materials instead.

1. Crochet Lace Necklace – A statement necklace makes a great centerpiece for any outfit. Check out Karen’s tutorial on how to make a cute, crochet lace statement necklace – no actual crochet skills required!

2. Paper Earrings – These paper earrings from BluReco don’t come with instructions, but they look simple enough. You’d just use a scaled-down version of making a paper bowl, and the jump ring to attach them to the earring hook goes through the last part of the coil.

Neckerchief T-Shirt Scarf

3. T-Shirt Scarf – T-shirt scarves are nothing new, but this chunky, neckerchief-style take on the old standby is a great way to turn an old shirt into a cute, new accessory! You can pair this up with a t-shirt and jeans, and it would look cute with a collared shirt, too!

4. T-Shirt Bracelet – Why stop there with the reclaimed t-shirt crafts? You can use fun finger-weaving techniques to make a set of chunky t-shirt bracelets.

5. The 5 Minute Headband – Got an old necktie in your stash? All you need are a sewing machine, a little elastic, and 5 minutes to whip up an upcycled headband.

Have you guys made any upcycled, DIY accessories lately? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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