DIY Pet Projects: 35 DIY Projects Your Pets Will Love

DIY Pet Projects: 35 DIY Projects Your Pets Will Love

Want to get crafty for your spoiled pet? Try these DIY pet projects like handmade toys, beds, and clothes!

If you love your pet as much as I do, you’re probably constantly buying products for him or her. I have a teacup Chihuahua-yorkie mix that is super spoiled! Unfortunately, there are lots of products on the market that are not great for my pup or the environment. Instead, I want to focus on making my own toys, treats, and other items for my sweet pup! Here are 35 DIY pet projects that can inspire all of us to create items that are better for our pet’s health and the environment:

1. DIY t-shirt dog toy

2. Recycled dog sweater

3. Homemade dog treats

4. DIY dog scarf

5. Easiest upcycled dog collar ever

6. Corrugated cat bed

7. Make doggy leg warmers

8. DIY pet food canister

9. Make a dog toy

10. Dog bed side table

11. Upcycle a thrift store coat into a coat for your pet

12. DIY cat window perch

13. Dog bowl chairs

14. Recycled small pet carrier

15. Doggie pill pockets

16. Water bottle crinkle toy

17. Dog bed suitcase

18. Hide the kitty litter box

19. How to make a pet feeding station

20. DIY self-filling water bowl

21. Vintage planter cat bed

22. Knitted dog hoodie

23. DIY dog treat canister

24. Turn an old TV into dog bed

25. Hide the litter box in a piece of furniture

26. DIY cat teepee

27. Make a dog bed from reclaimed bedding

28. Homemade cat toy

29. Pet feeding station from upcycled dresser

30. Turn recycled denim into a dog jacket

31. Dog bed from a dresser drawer

32. DIY recycled cat toy

33. Dog bed from an end table

34. Elevated pet bowls

35. Dog treat bag from fabric scraps

Which DIY pet project do you want to try? Have you created your own pet project? Share it with us in the comment section below! We’d love to pin it to our Eco-Friendly Pet Projects board on Pinterest!

[Photo credit: Girl playing with dog via Shutterstock, text added]

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