How-to: Reclaimed Dog Toy That’s Semi-Indestructible

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I love spoiling my dog, Jenna, and this semi-indestructible dog toy will be able to endure months or chewing, shaking, and playing catch!

Let’s face it, you guys: indestructible dog toys are kind of a joke, aren’t they? I have yet to meet a toy that my dog hasn’t managed to dismantle! In fact, I have a box of stuffing in my craft closet that’s all from dog toys that Jenna has ripped to shreds.

If your pup tears through stuffies like mine does, chances are you have a box of shame like this, too. Well, pull that sucker out, because you can use that old stuffing to make a whole new dog toy! I mean, you wouldn’t use it for any other projects, because it’s kind of gross, right? But why not shove it into a new toy for your pup?

I’m calling this toy semi-indestructible, because I’m sure that given enough time and inclination, Jenna will eviscerate it. But! Making your dog toys this way does make them last a lot longer than those flimsy monkey dolls that you find in the check-out at the PetCo. You know the ones I mean, right? Plus, this homemade toy doesn’t have a squeaker for your pup to choke on when she does manage to tear it apart.

The key to making your dog toys more durable? Top stitching! We have one toy that came with Jenna – it was hers at the shelter – that she somehow hasn’t managed to kill yet, and she’s been living with us for over a year now. The design for this handmade dog toy is based on that one, and it’s all about top stitching. If you have a basic machine, your zigzag stitch will do the trick, but if your machine does any cool embroidery stitches, those are ideal. The more thread the better, basically!

Ready to make a dog toy? Click here for the tutorial!

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  2. Would love to make this for my granddogs but I have not “stuffing’ from previous toys.. what wshould i use?? thanks so much!

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