DIY Dog Clothes: Make a No Sew Dog Scarf!

DIY Dog Clothes: Make a No Sew Dog Scarf!Rather than buying your pup clothes from big box stores, make your own DIY dog clothes like this no sew dog scarf!

If making clothes for your dog is wrong, I don’t want to be right! In all seriousness, though, I might become one of those crazy dog ladies after making this scarf for my pup! I refuse to pay lots of money at big box stores for dog clothes, so my little pup rarely gets to wear a cute sweater or Halloween costume. Finally, I decided it was time to DIY her something adorable, so I made this simple no sew dog scarf!

What You Will Need:

1. Recycled felt. You can also felt an old sweater if you have one on hand.

2. Scissors

3. A safety pin or button and thread

How To Do It:

1. Cut your recycled felt into a long rectangle. Make sure you make it long enough to fit loosely around your dog’s neck. If you plan on adding a button to the scarf, leave even more room to fasten the button together at the ends.

DIY Dog Clothes: Make a No Sew Dog Scarf!

2. Cut the ends of the felt like so:

DIY Dog Clothes: Make a No Sew Dog Scarf!

3. I don’t plan for my pup to wear this scarf all of the time, so I simply wrapped it around her and attached it with a safety pin at the ends (carefully, of course). If you’re feeling brave, you could sew a button on one end and make a button hole on the other end (yes, even sewing a button is brave to this no-sew girl).

My heart melted when I saw her in the scarf– doesn’t she look so sophisticated?

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2 thoughts on “DIY Dog Clothes: Make a No Sew Dog Scarf!”

  1. I have an idea. How about securing it with carefully placed VELCRO. Yesssssss!
    THEN, if u want, you can sew or glue on a pretty button or 2, just for looks (no buttonhole needed).

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