Make a DIY Indoor Herb Garden for Earth Day!

Earth Day Craft

Celebrate spring with an Earth Day Craft! What are we making? A DIY indoor herb garden, of course! It’s so easy you won’t believe it!

Make a DIY Indoor Herb Garden for Earth Day!

Is there a better way to celebrate Earth Day than by planting an upcycled herb garden? Just grab a few plastic containers from the recycle bin and some duct tape. Boom – you’re in business.

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Yes, I said duct tape! Can you believe all the cool patterns this adhesive comes in these days? I guess that plain old silver stuff is so last year! Not onlyΒ is it super-durable, but it’s waterproof too – making it a perfect Earth Day craft supply for a DIY indoor herb garden.

Make a DIY Indoor Herb Garden for Earth Day!

DIY Indoor Herb Garden


  • Recycle bin containers (margarine containers, ice cream tubs, tin cans…you get the idea)
  • Decorative Duct Tape
  • Scissors
  • Hammer
  • Nail
  • Rocks
  • Herbs for potting
  • Wax Paper


1. Grab a few small, plastic containers from the recycle bin. Clean and dry them.

2. With a nail and hammer, put 3-4 drainage holes into the bottom of each can. This is a good task for tween crafters or adults.

3. Cut strips of Duct Tape so they fit around the can. The ends should slightly overlap. Be as creative as you want with your designs.

4. Before you start the planting process, wrap your can in wax paper to protect the outside.

5. Add rocks, then your potted herbs.

6. If you happen to get a little dirt on the can, just wipe it clean with a damp paper towel.

7. Give your herbs a little drink of water, put them in a sunny window and enjoy EARTH DAY!

Make a DIY Indoor Herb Garden for Earth Day!

DIY Indoor Herb Garden Tips

If the tape gets a little ratty after a few months (trust me, it will!), you can pull off the old tape and add new tape to refresh your DIY indoor herb garden. Or you can just add another layer!

You don’t have to use Duct Tape to wrap your tin cans. You can use all sorts of other things. Fabric, ribbon and paper all work nicely. I used landscaping material once – ya know, that burlap-kind you use in your garden – and it came out really great! Wanna see? Here’s the video I made for that one. Enjoy!!!

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