10 Earth Day Ideas for Children!

Earth Day Ideas for Children

Did you know that Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22? Well, it is! I think it’s important to inform children why it’s so important to take care of the Earth– they are the future generation and if we don’t teach them, who will? Here are some fun projects to do together on Earth Day to give you an opportunity to talk with your children about how to be even more green:

1. Make a Mr. Recycle Head Man. Move over Mr. Potato Head! Delia Creates shows us how to make this adorable Mr. Recycle Head Man from a tin can and other recycled materials. I think it would be fun to get creative on recycled items you can use to make his facial features and such!

2. Create Earth Day Paper Globes. Alpha Mom shares how to make paper globes from recycled paper. You can hang these globes from string to create a fun banner for Earth Day or other occasions!

3. Create an Earth Day Pinata. Here at Crafting a Green World, Julie Finn shared a fabulous tutorial on how to make a custom pinata with upcycled newspapers and natural glue. Instead of creating a star shape, make your pinata look like a globe. You could even paint it to look like the Earth!

4. Play music with your own Mini Tin Can Drums. Marie at Make and Takes created adorable mini drums using a tin can and a balloon!

Earth Day Ideas for Children

5. Go on a nature walk. Take your family on a nature walk in your own back yard or in a local park. Take pictures of the birds, bugs, etc and explain how important it is to take care of the Earth so that they can continue to thrive in their environment.

>>Next: Recycled art, upcycled bird feeders, and more!

[Photo credits (in order of appearance): Mr. Recycle Head Man via Delia Creates, used with permission; Parents and Children on A Hiking Day via Shutterstock]

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