DIY Home: Make a Burlap Silverware Holder

DIY Home: Make a Burlap Silverware Holder

Originally published on Feel Good Style.

Want to impress your dinner guests with silverware holders? Create your own! The best part of all? There’s no sewing involved!

What You Will Need:

1. Burlap or another eco-friendly fabric. I used the burlap I had left over from my eco-friendly acorn wreath.

2. Hot glue/hot glue gun

3. Scissors

4. Items to decorate your silverware holder– vintage buttons, a handmade paper flower, etc.

How To Do It:


1. Wash your burlap. This is an optional step, but I recommend it especially because the burlap will “shed” on your dining room table like crazy. Unfortunately for me, I found out the hard way. Next time, I will use this fabulous tutorial from Ella Claire on how to wash and cut burlap.

2. Cut your burlap to the size of a rectangle. Essentially, you will be folding your burlap into a burrito-type shape, so keep that in mind as you determine the size of the rectangle. Please read all of the instructions before you cut your burlap.

3. Fold one side over, and then the other (like you would fold a letter). Then, fold the bottom and hot glue it.

4. Turn it inside out– that way you won’t be able to see the folded seam at the bottom. See how it kind of resembles a burrito?

5. Fold down the top of the burlap. I folded mine down about an inch. Then, on the back, glue the two folded sides together.

6. Now it’s time to decorate your burlap silverware holder! I wanted to keep mine simple, so I hot glued three vintage buttons to the front.

Add a reusable napkin and some pretty silverware, and you’re ready to go! The orange button makes it feel “fall-ish,” right? You could use your silverware holder daily, or create several of them for eco-friendly Thanksgiving decorations. You could even personalize them with each guests’ name on the front, and then give it to the guest as a gift.

How would you decorate yours and what occasion would you use them for? Share your ideas with us!

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