5 Handmade Gifts for Him

tuckerFive handmade gifts for him, no matter who the him in your life may be.

My husband is easy, yet hard, to buy presents for. I know that he would appreciate receiving a record or western-style shirt, but it’s been done. When you find yourself at a loss on what to get for someone, make it instead. A handmade gift will always be more special and treasured than anything you can find in a store. Here are five handmade gifts for him that will make this gift-giving season more memorable.

1. Tyvek Wallet

If you’ll happen upon some air mail envelopes in the upcoming weeks, whip up a simple wallet from this durable material. You can easily personalize the wallet to suit the taste of the recipient by drawing or printing the wallet with permanent markers and paints.

hardcover journal

2. Journal

A journal is an excellent gift to give any sort of creative person. Writers, artists, doodlers, or thinkers will never run out of uses for blank sheets of paper.Β CRAFT gives us this great tutorial on creating a journal from an old hardcover book. If you know what your recipient’s favorite book was as a child, you could make a journal from that book for an even more personal gift.


3. Food

It’s no secret that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The simple act of whipping up some goodies will bring any guy joy. Belle and Burger shares a recipe for some cookies, aptly titled Cowboy Cookies. If your guy isn’t really into sweets, like mine, then try making some of this jerk sauce from Recipe Look.


4. Gadget Sleeve

Recycle an old hoodie of yours, or his, to create this laptop sleeve found on Instructables. If his hoodie was cherished but too far gone to wear, cut out the logo or emblem and sew it onto the laptop sleeve to preserve the memories. You can also use this tute for a simple upcycled Kindle cover and change the measurements to fit basically any device you want.

Star wars log cabin T-shirt quilt (3 of 3)

5. T-Shirt Quilt

I love the idea of taking old shirts and using them to create a one-of-a-kind quilt full of memories. Check out Julie’s awesome Star Wars t-shirt quilt top for a little bit of inspiration.

What gifts are you going to make for that special guy in your life this year? Do you have any tutorials or projects that you would like to share? Feel free to leave some comments and ideas.

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