5 DIY Gifts for Cats, Because Cats Are People Too

5 DIY Gifts for Cats, Because Cats Are People TooMake some of these cute DIY gifts for cats and spoil your cherished furry friend this holiday season.

Yes, we give our cats presents at Christmas. Honestly, we give our cats little toys and treats all year round. They’re family. If you’re like me and love giving your cats toys, here are five toys and accessories that you can make for your cat with the simplest of materials. If you don’t have any cats, shelters are always in need of toys and accessories for their cats and these would be wonderful to make for them too.


5 DIY Gifts for Cats, Because Cats Are People Too

1. Stick and Baubles Toy

This toy, found on Craftzine, is a great way to use little bits of things from around the house. Cats love any object they can bat at, just make sure that everything is secure so that there are no choking hazards.

2. No-Sew Cat Knot

Sparklecat has this great video showing us how to make a cat nip toy using scrap pieces of fleece. Since you can whip up tons of these in no time, these would make a great donation to your local cat shelter this holiday season.

5 DIY Gifts for Cats, Because Cats Are People Too

3. Cardboard Mouse

Over on Instructables, there is a great tutorial showing us how to create a fun toy using cardboard. There are also templates for creating a ball and jack for your cat.

5 DIY Gifts for Cats, Because Cats Are People Too

4. Wool Felt Mouse

After you’ve made your Christmas stockings from sweaters, gather your scraps and sew up some of these wool felt mice. The wool felt makes them strong and durable, even against the most rambunctious of cats.

5 DIY Gifts for Cats, Because Cats Are People Too

5. Recycled Cardboard Kitty Pad

This project, from Design*Sponge, shows us how to make a kitty pad from strips of cardboard. If you have a cat that scratches your furniture, this will help stop them from doing so.

Do you plan on making any DIY gifts for cats this year? Do your cats have any favorite toys that they like to play with that you’ve created? I would love to see some ideas and links, feel free to leave a comment or two.

[Gray cat image author’s own, Stick and baubles image by Future Craft Collective via Craft, Cardboard shapes image by brandiggity via Instructables, Wool mice image by Kayte Terry via Craftstylish, Cardboard cat pad via Design*Sponge]

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