GLOB it on with These Eco-Friendly Botanical Paints

GLOB paints are one of the newest eco-friendly craft products to hit the market.

Created by cultural anthropologist and artist Ashley Phelps, GLOB paints are currently available in six colors made from plant based ingredients. They are made with fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices that have strong natural pigments that have been used as paints, dyes and natural colorings for centuries.

GLOB’ new products are made in the U.S. in a FDA and EPA registered facility. The paints are eco-friendly and health friendly. They are completely non-toxic, and are free of chemicals, parabens, petroleum, synthetic preservatives, and they are gluten and soy free.

The water based paints and pigments are also biodegradable.

GLOB paints come in two formulas, ready mixed and dry powders. To mix the powders into paint all you need is to add water and mix then you’ll be ready to paint. They can be used like tempura or watercolor paints on paper.

Healthy eco-friendly and brightly colored, these look like fun paints to try. I would love to give them a try. What about you?

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