10 DIY Gifts for Dogs: Spoil Your Best Friend

DIY Gifts for Dogs

10 DIY Gifts for Dogs: Spoil Your Best Friend

Want to spoil your pup? We’ve got lots DIY gifts for dogs, and they’re all made from recycled materials!

We recently began fostering a very sweet dog, and honestly I am obsessed with her. She is a rescue, so she needs a lot of extra TLC, and it’s been super rewarding to watch her come out of her shell. She feels more like part of the family every day, so of course, I want to whip up all kinds of fun, crafty things to deck her out! These are some of the DIY gifts for dogs that I’ve made for her and am planning to make.

Like many new dog owners, we fell into the pet store trap when we first brought Jenna home. It’s hard to walk past the aisles of fun toys and cute collars on the way to the dog food. That’s how they getcha, right? Hopefully, this list of awesome DIY gifts for dogs will help you avoid those toys at the big box store in favor of some handmade puppy goodness. Let’s go!

10 DIY Gifts for Dogs

1. DIY recycled dog collar. How sweet is this recycled collar made from an old plastic bag? I don’t know that this would work on larger, stronger dogs, but for a small dog, this should totally work.

2. Upcycled treat bag. For training, you need your treats handy and your hands free. This DIY treat bag that clips to your belt is just the solution. My husband was the envy of our training class.

10 DIY Gifts for Dogs: Spoil Your Best Friend

3. Recycled rope pull toy. Over at Instructables, you can learn how to make a pull toy for your dog out of old dish towels.

4. Make your own dog treats. You don’t even have to buy mass-produced dog treats! Our pals at sustainablog share some recipes for making your own dog treats at home.

5. Old socks to new dog toy. At Green Upgrader, learn how to turn old socks into a dog toy.

10 DIY Gifts for Dogs: Spoil Your Best Friend

6. DIY dog sweater for small dogs. Say what? MAKE shows you how to turn an old sock into a small dog sweater!

7. DIY dog sweater for larger dogs. For medium or large dogs, you can turn an old sweater or sweater vest into a dog sweater instead.

8. Sweater dog bed. Got more old sweaters handy? Use them to make a cheery upcycled dog bed!

9. Suitcase dog bed. Is your sweater stash a little thin, but you have an old suitcase in your stash? Turn it into a DIY dog bed, like the one pictured at the top of this article!

10. Refresh that dog collar. Sick of your plain, old dog collar? Here’s how to make an old dog collar new again! A perfect project for those old fabric scraps, right?

Have you guys made any fun, DIY dog goodies? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

{Image Credits: Creative Commons dog bed photo by Spec-ta-cles; Treat bag photo by Becky Striepe; Pull toy photo via Green Upgrader}

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