20 DIY Graduation Gift Ideas Your Graduate Will Love

20 DIY Graduation Gift Ideas Your Graduate Will Love

Searching for graduation gift ideas? We have 20 DIY projects that your graduate will love!

Graduation season is upon us, and it can get pretty expensive to buy a gift for every graduate you know. Instead of buying a gift, create a heart-felt, handmade gift of your own! Not only will it be budget-friendly, but you skip the impact of buying new, too! Here are 20 DIY graduation gift ideas that you and your graduate will love:

1. Make a mason jar cookie kit and then put it in a graduation cap mason jar

2. Create a personalized coffee mug

3. Homemade face scrub

4. DIY recycled jewelry projects

5. DIY lip balm or a lip scrub

6. Make a t-shirt quilt

7. Upcycle an old chocolate box into a money holder

8. Homemade foot scrub

9. Make their own customized perfume

10. Personalize a glass with glass etching

11. DIY scented bath salts

12. Create DIY decor with chalkboard paint (perfect for their new dorm or apartment!)

13. Make an altered journal filled with inspiring quotes

14. DIY picture frames from recycled materials

15. DIY laptop sleeve (use organic cotton, if you can)

16. Make your own cookbook full of family recipes

17. Create a journal from recycled materials

18. Upcycle a plaid shirt into an awesome backpack (if they’re headed to college in the fall)

19. Give them a basket full of green cleaning supplies like DIY laundry detergent. (Sure, it’s a bit boring, but totally practical. I remember receiving a laundry basket full of cleaning items and I really appreciated it once I moved out on my own!)

20. Make an upcycled smash book

If you’re not the DIY type, considering buying from local artists and crafters on Etsy. You could also buy eco-friendly luggage for all of their new adventures! Get creative and think outside of the box!

Do you have any graduation gift ideas? Which ones do you feel are the most important to give? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below or on our Facebook page!

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