DIY Crafts: Recycle Gift Cards into Unique Keychains

DIY Crafts: Recycle Gift Cards into Unique Keychains

Add color and fun to your keys with DIY crafts like this step by step tutorial on how to recycle gift cards into unique keychains!

Do you remember our post on 33 ways to recycle gift cards, credit cards, and other plastic cards? The post inspired me to recycle my own gift cards that I received as Christmas gifts. My car keys were looking super boring and bare, so I decided to turn my gift cards (and a few rewards cards) into cool keychains!

What You Will Need:

DIY Crafts: Recycle Gift Cards into Unique Keychains

1. Gift cards. You can also use other plastic cards like store reward cards or even debit/credit cards (just make sure you protect your identity).

2. Scissors

3. A hole punch

4. A pen or permanent marker

How To Do It:

1. Draw the shape of your choice onto the gift cards. I drew a coffee cup, a guitar, and the letter “B” for my first name.

DIY Crafts: Recycle Gift Cards into Unique Keychains

2. Cut out your shapes! I will say that it is very difficult to cut a circle out of the center of the gift card (like the hole in the middle of the guitar, for example). If you have a hole punch, I definitely recommend using it– you’ll get cleaner lines. My poor guitar proves that it is a difficult task.

DIY Crafts: Recycle Gift Cards into Unique Keychains

3. Punch a hole in the shape so that you can attach it to a key chain. I made a small hole using a nail and hammer, but like I said before, it’s easier to use a hole punch.

DIY Crafts: Recycle Gift Cards into Unique KeychainsAren’t they cute? I’m so glad my keys have a pop of color and personality now. Plus, they show my love for coffee and music!

What shape or design would you create with your gift cards or other plastic cards?

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Written by Bonnie Getchell

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