DIY Crafts: 25 Ways to Recycle CDs and DVDs

DIY Crafts: 25 Ways to Recycle CDs and DVDsRecycle your unused CDs and DVDs into awesome DIY crafts!

With the rise of digital music and streaming videos, CDs and DVDs will eventually fade like floppy disks and vinyl records. Maybe it’s not that serious quite yet, but technology definitely seems to be heading that way. As a musician, I have a small collection of CDs, but sadly, I rarely listen to them anymore (because I have them on my computer and iPhone). Have no fear, though — there’s new life for our unused CDs and DVDs! We’ve rounded up 25 incredible DIY crafts and activities that will make you rethink the average disk. Click through each link below and be inspired!

1. Disco ball from old CDs

2. CD sun catcher

3. Recycled CD wish list ornament

4. DIY CD roofing (you could even use this idea for a doll house or a tree house!)

5. Upcycle an old CD into a clock

6. Put CDs or DVDs in your garden

7. Make a ninja star

8. Create CD spinners

9. DIY mosaic jewelry storage box

10. CD hanging wall art

11. CD and DVD beads

12. DIY tutorial: mirrored collars

13. How to crochet around a CD

14. Make mosaic art (just cut up old CDs or DVDs instead of a broken mirror)

15. CD wish list ornament

16. Stenciled CD or DVD coasters

17. DIY CD statement earrings

18. CD garden art

19. DVD mosaic tile bird bath

20. Coffee can and CD wind chime

21. CD mosaic table

22. Use a CD as a signal mirror in an emergency

23. Mosaic CD mirror

24. DIY garden markers

25. Mosaic flower pot with CDs

Which CD or DVD project is your personal favorite? Have you created any DIY crafts of your own out of CDs or DVDs? If so, share them with us! We would love to pin them to our Green Crafts board on Pinterest!

[Photo credit: DVDs scattered on a table via Shutterstock]

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  3. Hi!Thanks for the Great DVD tutorial!I have done a similar”DVD-upcycle,project.I just took all the”extra”DVD/CD’s”&when I had the amount I needed,which was enough to do a letter’M’,in my daughter’s rm.for her initial, then I was complete.Creative&somewhat personal,as I proceeded to put some of her”fun photos&having her use a dark colored marker to draw her favorite designs”,on the DVD’s for even more of a personal touch!Hope you enjoy this bit of additional suggestive info.for the project!

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