Holiday Crafts: The 2013 Upcycled CD Wish List Ornament (with Free Printable Template!)

Upcycled CDs

2013 Recycled CD Wish List Ornament (1 of 1)Want a way to preserve the memory of what your child wants most for Christmas this year?

Our Christmas wish list ornaments have become a treasured tradition in our house, helping us remember the cute little things that are each child’s most desired gifts of the year. And since we use old, scratched CDs for the backs of these ornaments, the project is also a cheap, eco-friendly Christmas ornament craft for a cold, rainy winter morning (like this one, sigh).

If you’ve got an old CD, scissors, glue, markers, a drill, and a kid who’s excited for Christmas, then you’re all set, because this year I’m giving you the template for this ornament as a free, downloadable pdf.

1. Print the ornament template.Β Download and print out this 2013 CD Wish List ornament, and Merry Christmas from me to you!

2. Make your wish.Β Have your kiddo color in her ornament, draw a picture, and write what she wants most for Christmas this year–bonus points if she spells words incorrectly, because that’s just adorable.

3. Cut it out.Β Cut out the ornament, including the circle in the middle.

2013 recycled CD wish list ornaments (1 of 2)4. Glue it to an old CD.Β I have an unfortunate collection of scratched CDs that I use just for crafts like these. Just as you did with last year’s ornament, glue the ornament to the front of CD (spray adhesiveΒ is the easiest, but any glue will work)–the scratched-up back of the CD will look especially pretty reflecting the lights on your Christmas tree.

2013 recycled CD wish list ornaments (2 of 2)5. Drill it.Β You can loop a piece of twine through the CD’s center hole to hang your ornament, but I think it looks better if you attach a very narrow drill bit (the narrower the better, since that’s what will keep the CD from cracking) to your power drill and put a hole up top for an ornament hanger.

6. Hang it up.Β And every year, have a fabulous time enjoying what your kiddos wanted for Christmas in previous years! One of these days, those requests for chocolate and red dragons are going to seem so tame compared to the holographic tablets and LED contact lenses that they’re going to want.

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